Insulated Vat Wraps

Why insulate your vat?

Wind, sun, high ground water temperatures, rain and summer temperatures can all cause your milk vat to gain heat. This means your   refrigeration system is working harder than it needs to, and may struggle to help you meet chilling speed and temperature regulations.

Insulating your milk vat protects it from heat gain and  reduces the load on your refrigeration system, delivering up to 20% additional refrigeration capacity. This chills your milk faster, using up to 40% less energy for refrigeration.

Why choose a 6 Below Wrap?

  • PRICE, most cost effective option on the market

  • PROVEN SAVINGS, we have logged kWh data that supports savings of at least $1000 per year

  • 5 Year warranty on complete wrap (not just the PVC)

  • Highest quality locally made, Specifically developed woollen blend fabric sandwiched between two layers of 630g/m2 Quality, hot air welded PVC, all fixings 316 Stainless Steel, strapped on

  • Clean Look, Easy to Clean

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