Milk Monitor

Milk Monitoring, Reporting & Alarm System



  • · Fast easy access to temperature data

  • · Access on dairy or off site on your smart device; phone,    tablet or computer

  • · Monthly Reporting to establish compliance

  • · SMS Alert system should a fault occur

  • · Data stored at shed and off site for 2 seasons

Specifically developed and engineered locally using only quality components and software.

The M2 system collects data continually 24/7,  monitoring milk / water temperatures ensuring MPI regulations for milk, cooling system and CIP are observed. 

A full colour touch screen enclosed in a IP66 enclosure has a variety of pages graphing temps and time, data is captured and stored on a USB stick and off site via internet connection. 

Available for single and twin milk vat installations.   

A monthly report can be created as evidence of conformance to regulations.

If any regulatory parameters are not met an SMS is sent to those who need to know.